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Pixy2 Magic Show!


I thought I would share another LEGO-based creation using a Pixy2.

In 2019, a team I mentored created a performance for RoboCup OnStage called “Magdalena the Magnificent’s Magic Show”. Here is the video:

This involved a disappearing ball, using a Pixy2 camera to detect its colour so the right colour ball could reappear elsewhere. See the technical demonstration video for details on how the Pixy2 was used (I’ve forwarded to the Pixy2-related trick):

This trick was then re-worked for a voice-based experience and entered in the LEGO MINDSTORMS Voice Challenge (https://www.hackster.io/contests/alexa-lego-voice-challenge). The Pixy2 was a key component in this and “Amazing Amazon Alexa’s Magic Show (feat. LEGO MINDSTORMS)” was one of the lucky finalists! See here for full details on the project and video:

I hope the Pixy2 team enjoy seeing your product being used in an interesting way and others can find some inspiration for their own projects.




Hello Grant,
Thank you so much for sharing! This is one of the coolest robot demos/performances I’ve ever seen! Huge kudos for putting this all together. It’s impressive on many levels and shows that robots can be used in new ways to inspire and entertain :slight_smile:

We will post on our social media if that’s alright with you. (yes?)


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Glad you liked it! The kids all did an awesome job over a 12 month period - my main job as mentor was giving them quality dad jokes to include in their script.

The whole idea started with “let’s use the Pixy2 camera to add a random element to the performance” so, although there is a lot going on, your product was where it started.

Happy for you to share as you wish.

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Excellent – we’ll get them posted!

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