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Alternative Beaglebone Black setup

Has anyone tried using the camera with BBB connected via SSH over USB to a desktop?

The setup documentation uses input devices and display connected directly to the BBB, with a separate power source and internet connection. I currently just connect it to my desktop via micro USB cable and access the command line interface with PuTTY.

You should be able to run the libpixyusb2 examples, but running PixyMon and seeing video will require that you hook up a display, or use something like VNC.

Hope this helps


Hi, that does help thank you.

In that case can you help me understand how the device would interface with a Beaglebone Black?

Assuming it has been trained already using the desktop PC, and the correct software has been installed on the BBB as per the ‘Hooking up a Pixy to the Beaglebone Black’ guide, is it as simple as writing a C++ program, using the provided library resources, to start the Pixy and respond to it’s output?

I’m quite new to working with embedded systems and the material on the wiki doesn’t give me enough confidence that I could use the PixyCam if I bought one.

I really appreciate your help,


P.S. This is based on the understanding that PixyMon and watching the video are not required to build the application, please correct me if this is wrong.

It’s fairly simple. You just run the build_all script after installing the packages (as described in the guide).