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Can I make Pixy colorcomponent focusing on the center of the screen?

Hey I’m trying to make Pixy detecting colored rectangle at 1.5 meters from them.
This distance won’t change and the rectangle will always be on the center of the screen.
It seems that when there is some movement around the rectangles Pixy is less effective.
So I wonder if I can make Pixy colorcomponent only analysing the center of the screen.
Cheers, Butanium.


I’m not sure I understand - it sounds like Pixy is in a fixed location, and the colored rectangles are moving, but in a predictable location? Have you tried adjusting the Signature Tuning sliders to get better color recognition? https://docs.pixycam.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:v2:some_tips_on_generating_color_signatures_2


No the rectangles and pixy aren’t moving but when someone is walking around the rectangles (not on them) Pixy got worse results.
I improved the recognition but those are small object and the distance between them and pixy make them hard to detect for Pixy, that’s why I’de like to make a focus, a " zoom" on the center

We don’t support a zoom function for Pixy2. (sorry)

It sounds like maybe lighting is an issue, if people walking around the objects is changing their detection accuracy. (People can create shadows.)

Trying to improve the detction accuracy with the tips in this page is probably the best bet.

Additionally, reducing “min frames per second” parameter can improve the accuracy as well:


Hope this helps!


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