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Cannot install software or drivers

Hi, when i click the install link, it runs through the process then tells me drivers will be installed. After that nothing happens and it is as if i never ran the installer. Any idea? I am on windows 10 and have checked to make sure it isnt antivirus or firewall. Thanks.

Sorry for the problems. Please plug in your Pixy and check to see if it’s detected (look at #3 on the link below):


Let me know what you find.


The device shows up and looks normal. But the software doesnt seem to install.

If the device shows up in the Device Manager, the driver software is installed.

Can you describe what happens when you run PixyMon?


after i download the installer, i run it and then I get a pop up saying “we will pre install drivers, if they are already installed this will go by in a flash”. Then the box closes and prompts me to finish the install. After that the program doesnt ever show up

The drivers are installed in the background. There isn’t any indication when they are installing other than the installation utility taking a longer to exit. We display the pre-install message because some machines take several minutes to create a system restore point before installing the drivers. Sorry for any confusion.

Are you able to run PixyMon? Can you describe what happens when you run PixyMon?