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Clear all signatures over Arduino


exist a way to rest (clear) all signatures in the flash from the pixy over a Arduino code? and please post the solution :slight_smile: I will rest(clear) all signatures by start or by a special event from the pixy.




Hello Peter,
There is not a way to clear the signature from the Arduino API. It’s not included mostly because there is no way to set or teach a signature from the Arduino API. Can you describe what you are doing, why do you want to clear all signatures from the Arduino API?



Hello, Edward,
thanks for the answer and the question.

I am currently planning to build a vehicle or write the software that will search and track objects in a room via Pixy. This works a little bit, but my problem is that there are a few signatures that return a hit, although they are not interesting. I’d like to solve this problem by deleting all signatures on startup and then using the camera’s button to teach a new one, which will then be searched for. Wants to keep this quite open and not align everything to a special object everything.

I hope this explains my intention behind it and maybe there is another solution?
A complete reset doesn’t work via the API either? or does it?

See you



Hi Peter,
Resetting the signatures isn’t supported in the API currently. Thanks for your description. I’ll add this to our list of proposed features.



Hello Edward,
thanks for the answer and adding to list.
I will work with a work-around over the PC for the next step in the project and wait for a update :wink: