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Color code function does not work as expected on lego block


It works well for color signature, but I have quite some difficulties with color code signature.

Even the color code (e.g. 123) detected and displayed well with the pixymon, when using the lego block to search for this color code, signature output constantly pop up number “88”

I also realize that when using switch block with pixy cam, according to the wiki page (http://cmucam.org/projects/cmucam5/wiki/Pixy_LEGO_Block), the 1st parameter: “Signature: selects the signature or color code you’d like Pixy to search for.” should accept color code, however, it only take number up to 7. Same problem for the wait block, and loop block.

Did I miss anything?


Hello XHP,
Sorry for the problems. We’ve indeed discovered a bug in the color code section of the Pixy software block. Color codes longer than 2 digits are incorrect. Please try this block, which fixes this issue:

Be sure to restart your EV3 environment after you import the new block.

This block is still in QA, but it will be released soon, and we feel confident it will fix your issue. Let us know how it goes.


Thanks! I will update you as soon as I try it.

The new block seems to work well on measure mode, including more than 2 digit color code now, THANKS!

However, the compare mode on the pixy block, and the wait, loop and switch blocks, the signature input still only allows number up to “7” Any idea how to enter a color code (e.g. 123) for the cam to search and compare?