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Connecting Pixy2 to Makeblock Auriga

I’m attempting to connect a Pixy2 to a Makeblock Auriga board and have a few questions about using I2C interface.

The Makeblock Auriga board is based on the Arduino Mega.

The Auriga does have and ICSP port on top, but it gets covered up by an LED ring shield.
The RJ45 jacks on the board allow for access to the various pins on the board (seen here)
The documentation on the pixy wiki shows that the Pixy2 can be connected with I2C by connecting the Ground, SDA and SCL from the Auriga board to pins 6,9, and 5 on the Pixy2. But what about the voltage needed? Can the pixy2 run off of 5V provided by the auriga board? Do I connect the 5V from Auriga board to pin 2 or pin 10?

If you have 5V at about 200mA of current, you can power Pixy via pin 2 (5V) and pin 6 (GND). It looks like the Auriga can probably supply that much current.


Hope this helps!


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Excellent, thank you!