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Control a robot with Labview

For a project I want to control a Robot arm by a Pixy2, my robotarm can be only controlled by a Labview connection, so I connected the Pixy2 to an Arduino Uno with the ICSP port, to send the XY cordinates to the Labview programm, but I don’t know how to find the ICSP Port on the Labview, I made a connection to the Arduino but I don’t know how to connect the Labview with the Pixy2.

Am I doing this wrong? Should I connect the Pixy2 directly to the Labview, is this possible? and then connect the labview to my robot to send the directions ? if yes, how should I make a connection to Labview. I am a biggner in all this so i hope you can help me.

Using Pixy with LabView sounds like a challenge! :slight_smile: You could possibly make LabView speak the Pixy protocol through one of the serial ports (UART, i2c, or SPI). I’m assuming you have a UART serial on your computer. If not, you can add one via USB. Can you send data through a COM port in LabView?

Information on the serial protocol can be found here;


thanks for your respond.
i am not sure but i could make a connection to the Arduino thrugh LabVIEW(LW), i am not sure how to do this.
should i connect the Pixy2 to an Arduino and make the connection by an Arduino to a LW or should i connect the Pixy directly?
if there is any similer projekt you know about, can you please forword the link so i can get an idea?

A connection between Arduino and LW can be done, but if i am connecting the Pixy2 to the ICSP on Arduino how should i chose this i can only select Pins on LW and not the ICSP Port.

i am a bit lost in all this new connections and platforms that i have to learn and try and connect :’)

SO after trying to understand all the points.
what i have found out with the link you send to me and another searchs, i have to connect the Pixy to the arduino by UART connection not by ICSP becuse i can’t get the Labview read the data from the Pixy through the ICSP.
is this correct? :smile: if yes, i couldn’t understand what pins have to use on my Arduino for the connections. how should i make the program for labview, like what pins should the Labview read to get the X and Y corrdinates ? and if there is a Code to programm the Arduino for it in any library, please let me know, i have the pixy library on my Arduino IDE.

Thank you very much for your help.
it is starting to be fun :partying_face:

You can connect your Pixy to an Arduino. This page describes how to get started:


Since Labview runs on a PC I was thinking that one way for Labview to talk to Pixy is over a COM port on your PC. You can get a USB to UART converter, which creates a new COM port:


You could then talk to Pixy (in theory) with Labview by sending and receiving bytes over the COM port using the protocol guide.

Alternatively, you could use an Arduino as a middle-man (somehow). It seems to me, you still need to bridge Labview to your Arduino, and again, it would probably involve a COM port (serial port).

Hope this helps.