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Data logging error with Pixy2 camera

I am trying to use data logging functionality in EV3 LabView, but I get this error when I click on download and run …

Unable to compile some documents for deployment:

I think I’m running the latest firmware and software. Attached are screenshots which I hope would be useful in showing the problem.


Pixy doesn’t appear in the port section because only official LEGO sensors are displayed in this area. Were you able to run the quickstart demo?




Yes, I’ve gone through the demo. The problem isn’t that the pixy2 camera does not appear in the Port View in the brick - this was merely an observation.

The problem is that I get an error when trying to log data from the pixy2 camera. I can do this for other devices like motors. Perhaps it is not possible to log data from non-official LEGO devices ?

The reason why I’m trying to log data from the camera is that I cannot get line_follow.ev3 to run properly. It deviates from the line almost immediately and stops. I’ve checked the physical ports for the motors and the ports in the program match up. Hence, I was trying to log data (vector) from the pixy2 camera to identify the problem.


Have you tried switching the motors on your robot? If you get the motors backwards (right motor on the left and left motor on the right) it will avoid the line. Another way to debug is to hold your robot above the light and observe what the motors do. If the line is to the right of the center of your robot, the left motor should be going faster than the right, etc.

Regarding logging, is this an EV3 environment feature? (I’m not familiar.) If so, it might be only provided to official LEGO sensors.