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Data transmit rate related to battery condition (of Pixy2-Zumo robot)

Hi I’m using zumo robot kit (with 75:1 pololu geared motors & arduino uno).
I added a bluetooth serial module to it. (connecting to uno pins 0 and 1) So I received the information of block position, motor speed and command value wirelessly. I plan to store this data in a database and visualize it in realtime. (here is my video : https://youtu.be/5H8i2oktGAc)
However, one thing to note was that the data transfer rate dropped dramatically as the battery drained.
I wonder if this is the result of the lack of power that has reduced the computing power of pixy2 processor itself.( or Atmega328p…??) I want to know how much computational speed of pixy2 itself is affected by the battery.
thanks for reading.


Pixy doesn’t scale back it’s computing based on available battery. Pixy will run full speed as long as the correct battery voltage is maintained.


If the correct voltage isn’t maintained, Pixy’s behavior will be unpredictable.

When you say the data transfer rate dropped, are you saying that PIxy stopped detecting as many objects?



Thank you for your kind reply.
The number of objects recognized is not reduced. It just seems that the transmission speed of serial data is slow. When I thought about your response, I realized that I had an error. This is probably a problem with Arduino Uno.

In addition, I am sorry that my English is very poor. I’m not good at English, but I’m having a lot of fun using pixy2, so I have a lot of questions to ask. I am developing with esp32, raspberry pi as well as bluetooth. I think I will write a lot of questions in the future.
Thank you for making Pixy.

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