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Detect soil characteristics, to diagnose its fertility

Hi!, So I new to pixy and this site, and I need some orientation, I have a project and I’m planning to use pixy 2 camera to detect cualities of the soil, like color, moist, plants, rocks, texture, structure, consistency, porosity, surface crusts, coverage, presence of worms, etc. It doesn’t need to cover all of that cualities, but I need to know if the pixy 2 can read at leats most of this characteristics.

I highly appreciate any form of help that you’ll be able to give.

I can write i spanish to!


Pixy is good at detecting objects based on color. Detecting green plants, pink flowers, etc are good candidates. Detecting characteristics of soil is going to be difficult for PIxy.

This page has some information on what kinds of objects are good:

Hope this helps!