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Detecting a line of light

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this question, if its not please let me know where that place is. I would like to design a sensor that will be able to detect a good cut in some material. I have a cylinder of tin that that is 30mm in diameter and i need a way of detecting if the cut along the edge is good. Currently i have a strong light that i shine into the tube and do a visual inspection of the cut based on the light that i can see.

What I am interested in making is a rig that i can put the tube inside and close to be dark. A button is then pressed and a light inside the tube turns on and a sensor looks at the cut ring and verifies the cut is good. I had figured the easiest way would be to rotate the tube and have a sensor look at the cut and if if a dark spot longer than say 4~5mm is sensed it would fail the test.

Question: would this be possible with this camera and/or would it be worth the effort if it is?

thank you

Hey Matthew,

Pixy2 detects objects based on color - it doesn’t use shape for detection, although it does report X-Y coordinates and area of objects it sees.

If you used a colored light for this, it might work - so that Pixy is seeing a line of color. I’m not sure if you would be able to get the results you want though, since Pixy would basically just tell you the rough area of the color it sees, and if it’s present - not really much about the details of the sizing.

Hope this helps!