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Does Pixymon apply any smoothing/blurry

Does Pixymon apply any smoothing/blurry to the captured image? I’m using the original pixy with a modification to write images to an SDCard. When I compare the raw image to the one shown in Pixymon, the Pixymon one is very smooth and seems to have more resolution. The resolution I save to storage is 320x200. I am only working with IR light so I only save the red sensor brightness.


Pixymon doesn’t do anything special. How are you saving to SD-card?


I have a custom board with sdio pins routed to a micro SD card. I save the red pixels only from the 640x400 original data which brings it down to 320x200 due to RAM limitations and write speeds.

Is the image shown in pixymon 320x200 or 640x400? I suspect you have the same RAM limitations so it must be 320x200 resolution. Also seems like you are using Qt. It may have anti-alias on by default making the image look smoother?

You have the red pixels from the 640x400 original data. What do you mean by “original data”? And if you’re saving only the red pixels, there is necessarily a big difference in the images PixyMon is displaying.

Regarding anti-aliasing, Qt is doing a scaling of the image. This can result in some processing… I’m not sure what it does, but I don’t think that’s what’s giving you the discrepancy.


Sorry original data are the Bayer pixel data from the sensor sampling at 50hz 640x400 resolution.

I only save the red pixel because we work in a narrow IR spectrum. Although I’ve verified that red/blue/green pixels seem to pick up the same intensity when used with the ir filter. So in theory I could use any of the color. Just limit to 320x200 due to memory limitation.

I don’t view my image in pixymon. I have a python script that uses libpixy to get the data and display image as grayscale. So I’m looking to compare image quality from my application and pixymon’s scaled and maybe anti-aliased image output.

I’ll recompile pixymon with post processing turned off to verify the image quality. I just want to use it as a reference to validate my implementation. Thanks