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Doubt about image detection resolution in the "color connected components" block and in the software configuration

I have a PixyCam2 that i am using in the lego mindstorms ev3 software by means of its corresponding blocks; however, the resolution of the image it offers for detection is not clear to me.

While the documentation tells us that the color connected components block in its x value output: " The number returned ranges from 0 to 255, with 0 being the rightmost pixel if facing the camera lens" and the y value output: “The number returned is from 0 to 199, with 0 being the topmost pixel” the PixyMon v2 software in the same configuration (CCC) tells us that the ordinate 0 and the abscissa 0, are, respectively, the leftmost pixel and the topmost pixel; having as maximum (also respectively) 315 and 207 instead of the 255 and 199 that the page establishes.
What is the actual image detection resolution for the PixyCam2 to use in the Lego Mindstorms Software with the color connected components measure block?

Kindest regards.

For the LEGO version of Pixy2, the x value ranges between 0 and 255. The y value ranges between 0 and 199.


These x and y values are scaled from the actual detection resolution (316x208).

Hope this helps.