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Dynamic power management

Hello. I was wondering if the pixycam supports dynamic power management with the Linux kernel? I would like to ability to dynamically turn on/off the power to my pixycam when it’s plugged into USB. I came across this article which suggests a way to do it, but I’m not sure if the pixycam hardware would respond to autosuspend.

Alternatively, if I power the pixycam through the 5V input on the header, would the pixycam still draw power through the USB connection?

Pixy doesn’t support this kind of power management (sorry).

If you power Pixy through the 5V on the I/O connector, it will no longer draw power from the USB connector. The same applies to the Vin input. (Pixy will no longer draw power from teh USB connector is power is supplied on Vin.)

Hope this helps!


Thanks. If I power the Pixy through the 5V on the I/O connector and the Pixy is also connected through USB, if I switch off the 5V power supply will the Pixy immediately start drawing power through USB?

That’s correct :slight_smile:

For anyone interested, this code works like a charm on the BeagleBone Black: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37086057/turn-off-power-to-a-usb-port

You can turn on and off the USB power from software. Not guaranteed to work on other BeagleBone variants though.

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Nice – thanks!