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EV3 clock stops working with pixy2

I was using the Lego ev3 with pixy2, and controlling it with simulink when i noticed that my ev3 stopped reading the pixy2 values. I got an oscilloscope and noticed that after a while the clock stopped working. Does anybody know why?

Edit: The top image shows a gap where the clock doesn’t work and then resumes normally and the bottom one show the clock after it fails completely.

The EV3 controller supplies the i2c clock because it’s the master. If you suspect it’s Pixy, you might test it with a different controller (e.g. a different EV3 or possibly an Arduino).

Hope this helps.


Hello Edward @edge
Thanks for your fast reply.
It turns out that the EV3 losing the clock was because of the makeshift wire being poorly connected and disconnecting during testing. The other problem i made was the lighting being different from what the camera was initially programed in.
Sorry for the inconvenience

No problem – so it sounds like you got it working?