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Firmware 3.0.9? Weird USB Issues


I just received my pixy camera but am having weird issues.

I can connect it to my arduino and it seems to react to objects that I teach it but I can not for the life of me get it to work with pixymon.

I have the latest version installed and the pixycam shows up in device manager normally.

On my one W10 Desktop it keeps going

Pixy detected.
error: Unable to connect to device.

over and over

When I connect it in DFU mode it sometimes says programming state detected but never gets past that.

On my W10 laptop it says:

Pixy detected.
error: This Pixy’s firmware version (3.0.9) is not compatible with this PixyMon version (2.0.9).

Over and over.

Same deal with the DFU, driver installs fine but Pixymon can’t seem to upload a new firmware.

As far as I can tell there is no such thing as firmware version 3.0.9 so something somewhere is messed up.

Did I get a defective model? It seems to work with my arduino fine. I’ve tried multiple USB cables and ports. Not sure what is going on.


So I figured out the problem.

I just googled Pixymon and opened the first result which was from cmucam.org

I guess that version was for the original Pixycam, not the V2 that I have.

I installed Pixymon v2 and it works on my laptop now.

Still doesn’t work on my desktop but at least I know that the camera isn’t defective.


Hello Marcel,
Sorry for the problems and glad you got it working. Your feedback will result in some changes to cmucam.org (although I’m not sure what yet.)




I’ve gone ahead and edited all the cmucam.org wiki pages that show up in a Google search for “pixymon” with links to the new site…hope this helps!