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Firmware update problems


Just got myself a pixy2. Installed PixyMon v2 3.0.24 and plugged in camera.
PixyMon tells med there is a frimware update available 3.0.11 (my cam 3.0.9).

I follow the steps in the prompt. Unplug and so on. Holding the white button while inserting USB I can here the sound that it’s plugged in and cam LED lights up for a few sec.
Dialog disappears and console says “Pixy firmware programming state detected”. In the bottom left it says “Firmware programming state”

Nothing more happens than this.

edit: If I unplug and plug back in without closing PixyMon I get this in the console.

Pixy firmware programming state detected.
error: Cannot get flash procedures.

Edit again. After playing with the camera for a while it suddenly worked when I tried again.



Hey Martin,

hmm. Where did you purchase the camera? It sounds like you may have a hardware issue.

Is the unit working reliably now?