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Get more than single main feature in EV3 G-Program

Hi. Thanks for your great works on Pixy2.

I am using Pixy2 LEGO, and want to connect it to EV3 without Python Firmware.
So I used your Pixy2 ev3b block on ev3 G-program and it was able to run examples.
But I want to get more than one features in the G-program while line following.

I had works on Pixy2 API and I could get all the features using I2C protocol in Python. It works nicely. But I want it to work on G-program.
When I see the ev3b and vix implementation, I found that LEGO line follwing API is embedded on “0x5A”, which is 90. But I couldn’t found any hints of them among any documentations and googling.

Can you show me how to get all the features while line following on EV3 G-Program?


Have you seen this page?


If you’re interested in the code that Pixy runs to interpret the I2C, look in serial.cpp (lego_getData())

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hello. Thanks for your reply.

I have checked your link.

Now i wonder whether it is possible to request ‘48’ (0x30) in EV3 G-program to read from ‘getMainFeatures()’ function. In the sample LEGO line following example ev3 program, the type of packet is 90 (0x90) as you can see in the picture.

Do you have some example codes (ev3 block, or something) of such request??