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Get raw video through ev3dev2

Hi, I recently purchased a pixy2 camera, which I use with my LEGO Mindstorms. I’m using ev3dev2 for this and followed the explanation at https://github.com/KWSmit/Pixy_ev3dev.

My question is how do I get the raw video of the pixy2, for example to recognize more difficult objects with my own program?

Hello Nathan,
I think what you are asking is how do you get raw video frames into the EV3 controller so you can process the images using your own program running on the EV3?

This isn’t supported (sorry). There are a couple of things that would make this hard for us to implement in a useful way. The biggest hurdle is the limited data rate of the EV3 cable, which makes it hard to send raw frames at reasonable rates (>1 frame/sec).