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Hello how can I have more than

Hello how can I have 10000 recognized objects at the same time

Pla tell

Definitely not 10000. Think about how many objects can reasonably fit in Pixy’s camera frame and that will give you an idea of how many objects can be detected. Things start to get difficult at around 10 - 15 objects.

Hope this helps.


Ok so not 10000 objects at a time
But can it remember 1000 objects or 500

Not at the same time

Sorry, it can not remember 500 objects…

Hey @Tipto_Mogo just to clarify, Pixy can remember 7 unique color signatures, but it can detect as many objects per signature as can fit in the frame. So, you could have a dozen red objects, a dozen blue objects, and a dozen yellow objects, and as long as they were small enough to fit in the frame and still be detected, you’d get data about all of them.

What are you trying to use Pixy for?

To make a cAmera that can recognize numbers

OK, unfortunately this is not possible with Pixy. It recognizes objects based on color, and does not detect shape or do OCR.

Hope this helps!