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How can I get the CC signature instead of the decimal one

Hi, I’m trying to play around with the color code mode.
I would like to get the highlighted number instead of the decimal which I get with the m_signature function.
Can you help me?

Hi Butanium,

I’m not sure if this is possible - I don’t see anything in the docs about it. Maybe @edge has some info?


The highlighted number is in base-8 (octal) representation.

You can convert a decimal number to octal using the code in pixy2CCC.h:

The code that does this is below:

> // convert signature number to an octal string
>       for (i=12, j=0, flag=false; i>=0; i-=3)
>       {
>         d = (m_signature>>i)&0x07;
>         if (d>0 && !flag)
>           flag = true;
>         if (flag)
>           sig[j++] = d + '0';
>       }
>       sig[j] = '\0';  

Most users just figure out what number they are looking for (in decimal) and use that for comparison.

This site can convert from decimal to octal:


and vice-versa:


Hope this helps!


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Ok thx