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How far can Pixy2 recognize the object?

Hi guy! I’m a student who participates a project which makes security drone at harbor.

Our members are looking for some good sensors or cameras for project and we think Pixy2 is a good for us!.

Anyway, Before we choose this, we have a question!

Our drone will take pictures vertically down from 70 to 150 meters. Is it possible that Pixy2 can recognize a person who is standing on the ground at high altitude?

I’m sorry about my poor english skill. Have a good day :slight_smile: !

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible. Pixy2 recognizes objects based on color. It doesn’t detect people, or patterns. So the person would need to be wearing, for example, a bright orange hat.

Also, the detection range depends on the size of the object, and the maximum detection distance is equivalent to a 200mm object at 15 meters. So I don’t think a person’s head will be large enough at 70 to 150 meters.

Hi i have a question as well. I need to recognize targets that are 500mm x 500mm at a 50m height, will the pixy2 be able to take those shots, from that far??

I don’t think at 50m away it will be able to detect an object that’s 500x500mm with the standard wide-angle lens. With a longer lens, it would be able to, however. Unfortunately, we don’t sell longer lenses.