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How to count the pips of a couple of dices?



As you can see the videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaYsoVr1B2o), I would like to detect the dices, and count the pips of dices via Raspberry PI 3 B+. When looking at the camera(Pixy2) spec., it is somewhat faster in object detection. Wonder if anyone has done this kind of work before?


  1. Detect dices, and count the pips
  2. Use WIFI or Bluetooth, transmit to a smartphone(Android) the counts

Thank you,


This does not appear to be something Pixy can do (sorry)



Well, if it’s true, it’s very disappointing, and then have to return that I purchased from Amazon. I think it would be really easy function to detect the images and compare the images of pips depending on the area of facing the camera. First, i will try once I received today, and decide. Thank you for the comment though!!!


It might help to think of Pixy as an object detector based on hue/color.

Thinking of this in a different way, if the pips are red (for example, or some other color) and you hold the dice sufficiently close to Pixy, such that the pips are large enough, it should (I’m guessing) be able to count the pips by counting the number of detected objects. It would be a more advanced detection task for Pixy though.

Hope this helps!