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How to install pixy mon v2 in osx ei capitan


How to install Pixy mon v2 in osx ei capitan?? Thanks


Hello Erik,
Installing PixyMon on older versions of OSX will probably require building PixyMon. There is information in the link below on how to do this.




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It looks like Qt didn’t get installed because you got the message “qmake: command not found”

Did Qt install?

In particular, when you run:

sudo port install qt5

Does it proceed without errors?

You might need to add qmake to your path, but I haven’t encountered this.



I installed it according to the procedure, but the problem still appears, can you give me a program for ei capiten?


Hi Erik,
I"m sorry, but we don’t have a machine running El Capitan.

If Qt installed correctly, it’s just a matter of adding qmake to your path.



I also see a similar Failure message after following the instructions step by step. OS 10.12.6

moc_connectevent.o moc_configdialog.o moc_aboutdialog.o -L/opt/local/lib -lusb-1.0 -L/anaconda3/lib -lQt5Widgets -framework DiskArbitration -framework IOKit -lQt5Gui -lQt5Xml -lQt5Network -lQt5Core -framework OpenGL -framework AGL
make: Leaving directory `/Users/XXXXX/pixy2/build/pixymon/src/host/pixymon’

  • cd …/…/…
  • cp -rf src/host/pixymon/PixyMon.app .
  • strip PixyMon.app/Contents/MacOS/PixyMon
  • cp src/host/pixymon/pixyflash.bin.hdr PixyMon.app/Contents/MacOS
  • rm -rdf src
  • rm buildpixymon.sh
    users-Mac-mini:scripts XXXXX$ ./build_pixymon_src.sh


Erik had a “qmake not found error”. I’m not sure I understand what’s happening on your computer. Could you paste the raw output? It got formatted and perhaps lost some information.