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I have some feeling that my original pixy isn't working properly

My school mate is working on a project that includes recognizing color. We were connecting the Pixy true a micro USB cable and no power from an Arduino. The Pixy isn’t showing any response no leds or any other sign. If I connect the Pixy true a wire that goes to an Arduino and the Arduino is connected to my PC. Pixy is responding with it leds. the structure of the is always the same (LONG-LONG-HOLD-short-short-short)
I am not able to see the Pixy on my PC and I am not able no to connect true Firmware uploading mode.
I hope anyone knows what the state is of the Pixy

Sorry you’re having trouble! What OS are you running on the computer? Windows, Mac, Linux?

Have you tried different USB cables?

Are you able to teach Pixy an object using the button press method? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdQwZi6l9Ns