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I want to use pixy2 with teensy4.0

I want to make pixy2 communicate to teensy 4.0 with SPI,
but I’ve just noticed that pixy2 works at 5v.
I made own PCB, and I was going to supply 3.3v to any devices , including pixy2.
Will it work successfully? Or, if it can’t go well, what should I do?

I’m very sorry for my poor English.

Here is the schematic:

You can probably run PIxy off of 3.3V if you know what you’re doing (bypassing the regulator, for example, which is probably a challenging soldering exercise). It looks like the only thing that uses 5V is the LED and the servo connector.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


This comment is very helpful to me.
I’m going to use both pixy and teensy at 3.3V,
so may be I don’t need external regulator.
I really appreciate for your respond.