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Image Detection

Hello all.
I just purchased a Pixy2 image sensor this week. I watched several videos and have been a little introduced to this image sensor. I have a limited experience of programming with Matlab and Verilog for my electrical engineering courses.
I am trying to learn more about this Pixy2.
My first question is does Pixy2 recognize an X in a white sheet of the paper from a 20-30 meters distance?
Obviously the sheet of paper is as large as 24x36 inches and the X is printed in the center of the page large enough to be seen from the distance.
I will definitely have more questions when I start my first project as a beginner in this new world.
Thank you in advance.

Vizy uses color cues to locate and detect objects. Or it can locate lines or small barcodes.


Locating an “x” on a piece of paper is something Pixy cannot do (sorry).