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Image sync broken for line tracking

Hi Pixycam,

we are now using pixycam(V2.1) for line tracking.

rarely, there’s failure symptoms like image sync broken and the line ( vector ) information also wrong with that

at intersection case,

at 1 Vector case ( 90 degree )

at 1 Vector case ( 45 degree )

the top area is presented at the below.

would you please help us to fix for that ?


The lines you are detecting are fairly thick. You can increase the maximum_merge_distance and it will be able to recognize them as intersections.

I’m not sure why the image is broken, however. Does this happen 100% of the time?


Hello edge,

about “maximum_merge_distance”,
we do not use “maximum_merge_distance” because sometimes pixy reports the lines of 90 degree as 1-line of diagonal…
So we estimate the intersection from vector information at our mcu.
Anyway thanks for your advice on that.

about “broken image”
The symptoms of broken image, seem rarely to be happened, hard to represent, but when it happen, sometimes it cause a critical problem to our system.


When Pixy sees a 90 degree turn or a curve (no intersection), it will report a direction vector of where the line goes, so it will report a diagonal. You might consider having Pixy looking down at a steeper angle. This way, Pixy won’t see where the line leads and won’t report the drection vector as such.


Hello, Edward

would you support about the issue of “broken image” ?


We will contact you via email.


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