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Including Movement/Motion tracking(without color)?

Hi Pixycam Team,

thanks for making this great project! as a former Robocup player it’s quite exciting to see color code tracking implemented on board :slight_smile:

As many users need it for pixycam based projects, is it possible to include movement tracking in the firmware too?

3 years ago Sondre Jensen did the mod, but would it be great if it comes with the firmware and run on board?



Pixy doesn’t support this, but I’ll log as a feature request. (thanks!)


Cool thanks, looking forward to see the next version :slight_smile:


Regarding detecting motion, is the camera stationary while trying to detect motion?

Is there any news on the motion detection/tracking front?

I have a strong interest in using something like Pixycam in standalone art installations for basic human presence and location detection, with X,Y coordinates going straight to a microcontroller, without having to use a computer at all. I currently use all manner of 3D sensors like Kinect and RealSense, but it’s overkill, and the requirement of a computer (even a Raspberry Pi) just adds too much admin and too many failure points.

At the other end of the spectrum, things like PIR motion detectors work great but don’t give enough detail.

Is it possible to do human presence, even basic skeleton tracking with Pixycam?

Hello Wigiv,
Pixy doesn’t do skeleton tracking or human tracking. Motion detection is something we’ve considered adding though, but we don’t have a good idea when something like this would be available. (sorry)


Any Update to this?

No updates on this front (sorry). Are you wanting motion detection? If so, what kind?

You can do something simple by taking several points (4 points, for example) and monitor to see if their color changes using the getRGB() function. This would detect general motion.


Hope this helps!