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Is it possible - 2 pixycam2 connected to one Raspberry PI?

Greeting all,
I have a project in mind that needs to track multiple objects over a large area. Due to physical constraints, I cannot position the camera far enough away to cover the whole area with one PixyCam2. While it would be a bit of extra work and cost, I could use two PixyCams with each one covering half of the area.
Has anyone done anything like this in Python on a Raspberry Pi? If not, does anyone know if this is even possible?


Unfortunately, we don’t support two Pixys hooked to a Raspberry Pi at this time. The modification to get it working should be fairly straightforward and involves this file.

We’re happy to help you get it working.


Hi Edward, Thanks for responding.

I looked at that file and it is in C, does that mean I would have to write my program in C as well?


Hi Chris,
The Python code uses the C code. Modifying the C code requires some good technical know-how. We can help whoever wants to take this on, but we haven’t scheduled the development of this feature. (sorry)