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Is "Pixy for LEGO" compatiable with Arduino and Respberry Pi?


I just want to know the difference between Pixy and “Pixy for LEGO”.

If I bought “Pixy for LEGO”, can I use it on my Raspberry Pi or Arduino ?

Is there any “Pixy for LEGO” distributor at Taiwan? Or I can just buy it in Robotshop now?


Hunter Chiou

Hi Hunter,
Pixy for LEGO ships with firmware that is hard-coded to talk to LEGO Mindstorms, but that’s the only difference. And there is a LEGO cable that comes with Pixy for LEGO, whereas “regular” Pixy ships with an Arduino cable.

So there are 2 versions of firmware:

  1. “general” firmware, which supports all platforms, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, even LEGO.
  2. LEGO firmware which only supports LEGO.

You can upload general firmware into your Pixy and use with Arduino, etc, if you like.

Regarding buying Pixy for LEGO, it’s only available through Robotshop for now. We will be adding more distributors in the coming months.