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I backed the Pixy on Kickstarter and thus I have the version R1.3 and not the R1.3A that has LEGO mindstorms support.

As I do not have the skills to replace the surface mount resistors (without destroying my pixy) I was looking for a way to use my pixy with LEGO mindstorms, I came accross the following adapter:

My question is: If I use this adapter, would I still be able to use the Pixy LEGO firmware and EV blocks?

Thanks in advance,


Hello Dries,
A Kickstarter backer! :slight_smile:
You wouldn’t be able to use our LEGO firmware or our EV blocks with the Mindstorms adapter, but you should be able to use your 1.3 version Pixy with the Mindsensors adapter.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the quick response Edward.

I just ordered my Pixy for LEGO!
Although not very clear in the documentation, it seems like the Pixy for LEGO does support the colour codes right?
I saw someone else commented on the fact that you were only able to enter values from 0-7 in the colour code box but that has been updated?

Thanks again and keep up the awesome work,


Hi Dries,
Pixy for LEGO supports color codes :slight_smile:



The Mindsensors adapter essentially turns your pixy into a NXTCAM. So it is usable with EV blocks, but you have to use the NXTCAM blocks.