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Libpixyusb upload configuration


I’m running a media exhibit with a Raspberry Pi 3 + PixyCam for object tracking. The showroom has windows and thus the light situation is subject to change depending on time of day, weather etc. A signature calibration made in Pixymon during a sunny day won’t work anymore when it’s dark or cloudy outside and vise versa. What I’d like to do is to make multiple settings files and swap them programmatically using libpixyusb. According to information I found on this site, this should be possible, but I can’t find any documentation on it and there doesn’t seem to be a function for it in the API.


The short answer is “this isn’t supported” (sorry). The longer answer is that it is technically possible because PixyMon does it, however it’s not currently supported as part of the client API. It should be possible with libpixyusb through the callChirp mechanism, but it won’t be straightforward and will require some expertise.

We keep of list of feature requests to consider for future releases. We’ll add this to the list of requested features.



Thanks for your reply. Is there any documentation how this can be done? I’m guessing it works somehow via the pixy_command method?


It is done through the callChirp mechanism. getRawFrame uses this if you want to look at its source in libpixyusb2. Armed with callChirp and pixyMon source as a guide, it should be possible to string together callChirp calls that accomplish what you want. There is no documentation though (sorry) just source code (e.g. PixyMon).