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Line tracking adjustments for circle lines

Have anyone found some “tips and tricks” when using the line tracker with curved lines. I have this course with curved lines that I am working with (different radius for the lines) and the main issue that I am dealing with right know is for some wide turns the vector just goes from the start point to the end and the result is “cutting the corner” towards the end point( Fig. 1). I have tried playing with the camera position and while pointing the camera towards the ground solves the wide angle it is messing with the sharp ones. Besides keep trying different angle and camera heights is there anything else that i could do to improve this?

Since Pixy can see where the line goes, it will optimize by following where the line is headed. If you don’t want it to do that, try blocking the top part of the image, so that it’s vertical field-of-view is limited. Since the top part of the image is no longer visible, it should only focus on the bottom part of the image.

Hope this helps


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