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Mobile dashboard for pixy with attached esp6288

First tests with a mobile dashboard for pixy with an attached esp6288.

It’s still too much spaghetti-code to share and needs a bit more work as well as some instructions for installation. However the functionality is there and once it’s installed, you get a nice web interface with it.

Now I wish I had more control over pixy via SPI…



Hi Frank,
Nice work – thanks for sharing!


Hello! I know this is quite an old post in this forum. But I want to do this kind of similar project a mobile dashboard but using the ESP 32 microcontroller. If its alright, may I ask for you to share the source code (even if its a “spaghetti-code”) just for me to be able to work around making a web page that can stream the data from pixy 2 to the web.

I am also using the SPI connection from the ESP 32 to connect with my PIXY2.