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Multiple Pixy without Arduino

Is it possible to connect two PixyCam 2.1 to a computer and talk to each other without Arduino? If so, should I just use the USB cable? Can someone explain how would I connect the hardware? Also, which code file will I need to modified because I saw in one of the post I saw someone said libpixyusb doesn’t support multiple Pixy. But this was from 2016 so I’m not sure if it would be still true.

Thank you.

The newer version of libpixyusb for the Pixy2 supports multiple Pixys :slight_smile:


Thank you Edward. If I want to create 2 pixy object, do I just simply do this.

Pixy2 pixy1;
Pixy2 pixy2;

or will I need the “pixyhandle.hpp” file like in this “hellopixies” example that was mention on this post?

That’s correct. You initialize the different instances and they each will be assigned to a Pixy. :slight_smile: