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Pixy 1.3 Hardware Documentation

Hello, I’m looking for the hardware documentation for the Pixy 1.3. It seems that the documentation site for that is defunct. I was able to get most of what I needed from Internet Archive snapshots, but there’s two things I haven’t been able to find:

  1. Pixy 1.3 Gerber file package. The archived link does not work.
  2. Pixy 1.3 schematic. It appears to have never been uploaded anywhere; I can only find version 1.2.

Are these files hosted somewhere, or does someone happen to have them and is willing to share?

Here are the most recent files for Pixy 1.3

Hope this helps!


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Appreciate it.

The schematic does seem outdated, though, as mentioned in this post. It seems that the 5.1.3 schematic was never released anywhere.

I realize the versions don’t match, but that is the latest schematic for the Pixy1.