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Pixy 2.1 and Arduino

New to Pixy Camera ( Just received it 1 hour ago.) I am working on a project, where the pixy will lock onto an object, and will measure the height and width. I need to use the height value and divide it in half. (Which will be done in the Arduino program)
Ex if the object is 10 inches high, I need the 5 inch value to be used in the Arduino program to adjust the height of a platform. What I would like to know is if the 10 inch value that the camera records, can be transferred to the Arduino program ?


Pixy returns values to the Arduino that are in camera Pixels. Unfortunately, pixels are not equal to inches unless the object is sufficiently far from PIxy’s lens. For example, if you placed an object close to Pixy’s lens, it could take up much of the frame and be 100x100 pixels and then move the same object several feet away and it will only be 10x10 pixels. In other words, the width and height in pixels is proportional to the actual width and height of the object (in inches), but varies by the distance of the object from the lens.

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