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Pixy 2.1 Disconnect


We’ve been having some issues with pixy 2.1:

  1. Pixy wouldn’t initialize at the beginning
  2. It would disconnect in the middle of the motion.

We are connecting it to an industrial grade Nvidia computer. We tried changing the cables, but it still happens. Not sure why the disconnects are happening? Do you have any idea?


Hello, sometimes USB 3.0 ports have issues depending on the controller. Are there any USB 2.0 ports on your controller?


No they are all USB 3.2. Do you have any additional information why they connection fails? Also, what is the recovery process? we are using python btw.

I’m not sure what you mean by recovery process. There have been some customers that notice that some USB 3.0 ports on some computers have issues and that USB 2.0 ports don’t have issues. (that’s all I know, sorry)

To make sure your Pixy is working the way it should, do you have another computer you can install Pixymon on and test?