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Pixy 2 Error: no response

recently, I had bought a Pixy 2 camera. When I am trying to run the ccc_hello_world example the pixy.init() returns the message “Error: no response” in serial monitor.
The hardware that I use to run the example is:
Pixy 2 Lego version
Custom ribbon cable (tested in Pixy 1and works fine)
Arduino Uno (also, I have tested it in Arduino Mega)
MacBook Pro 2017.

What is going wrong?

Hi Vangelis,

have you tried teaching Pixy2 an object? Are you running the color_connected_components algorithm on Pixy2 / in PixyMon?


Yes, I have taught it without a problem (using PixyMon).

Please check out this troubleshooting guide:



The problem is solved. I changed the firmware from this of lego to that of general firmware.
I noticed that in lego firmware you cannot change the type of interface.

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It is true that the LEGO firmware doesn’t offer different interfaces. It tries to be LEGO-specific so that the user doesn’t make the wrong choice, such as wrong interface.

Glad you got it working!


Dear Edward,
It should be better if you write this information somewhere in the download page for other users that may have the same problem…
Thanks and keep up the good work!