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Pixy 2 Going Mad


We have a Pixy 2 in our robot to sort objet with color. An Arduino Mega is use for communication.

80% of time, everything is going well.

Bit sometimes, after 40 seconds, Pixy is Going mad.

The color LED, is blinking a lot of time per seconds and made the arduino crash.

Any idea of the problem ?


Hi, my first guess is a power issue. How are you powering Pixy / Arduino?


Hello Jesse,

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes powering through the arduino mega with the original cable.


And the Mega is Powered with a 12V lipo battery

OK, thanks for the info. Are you also running servos from Pixy2? If you try adding power to Pixy2 via USB while it’s in the Arduino circuit, does the issue persist?


Hello Jess,

No servos running from Pixy2.

When adding power to Pixy2 via USB, the issue doesn’t persist.


There might be an issue with your Arduino not being able to provide enough current to everything (including Pixy2) .


Check out the section on “unregulated power”:

Connecting Pixy2 to an Arduino when Pixy2 is being powered through Vin results in Pixy2 sourcing the power for the Arduino . This is sometimes preferable to the Arduino sourcing power to Pixy2 because the voltage regulator on some Arduinos cannot handle the current requirements of Pixy and the pan-tilt unit (two RC-servos.)


Thanks Edward.

So in this case, I can’t use the I/O connector right ?

How to do it ?

Best regards

You can try powering Pixy through pin 10 and pin 6 of the I/O connector. Use between 6 and 10 volts. The voltage regulator for Pixy2 is typically more powerful than the Arduino voltage regulator.

Look here for more information.