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Pixy cable for arduino

Hi, I bought the Pixy for mindstorms for some students to play with.

I’d like to buy just the cable to interface with arduino - with the assumption that I can swap the mindstorms and arduino cables on the camera.

Any ideas? Thanks for the help with a simple matter.

Hello Topher,
We don’t sell/distribute the Pixy-Arduino cable, but here is some info on how the cable is made:


Hope this helps!


The link to the solution now seems to be broken, but I would be interested in finding the same information, which hopefully includes not only the wiring schematic but also practical instructions for making the cable (for someone with very little experience).

In fact, I would need Pixy2 information in case the wiring has changed from the Pixy1.

I got a class set of the LEGO version mistakenly believing both Arduino and LEGO cables were included and I now need to make the Arduino cables in order to be able to make full use of the Pixy2.

Ahh… just using the end of the previous URL, I was able to find the current page.

Here is the current link https://docs.pixycam.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:v2:can_i_use_my_lego_pixy_with_arduino

Nice find :slight_smile:

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Hi! Also have a similar problem. Is it possible to get information on which pin of the pixycam is connected to which pin of the arduino? I have a bunch of “single” wires right here and would just use them.

I figured it out. And it is very simple.

The ports for Arduino:
ICSP and SPI - Using Arduino / Project Guidance - Arduino Forum

The ports for Pixy:
wiki:v2:porting_guide [Documentation] (pixycam.com)

So: Arduino ( A ) and Pixy ( P ) Pins are connected as follows:

A1 - P1 (MISO), A3 - P3 (SCK), A4 - P4 (MOSI), A2 - P2 (VCC), A6 - P6 (VCC)

The Arduino Pins Layout:

1 - 2
3 - 4
5 - 6

Sorry for not catching this sooner, but glad you got it figured out. We also have this:

it seems close, but not quite what you were asking for…