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Pixy doesn't detect object until it has been in the picture for a few frames


Just got a pixy and have been playing around with it. I have been trying to track a ball and then using the position to track trajectory - hoping to track fairly fast throws. Unfortunately it seems like the pixy needs several frames to register the ball before it starts tracking. Is this task out of the range of capability of a pixy2?


Hello Andrew,
There is some filtering that takes place that requires an object to be somewhat persistent before Pixy2 registers it as a legitimate object to track.

You can minimize the filtering by setting “block filtering” to 0 and “max tracking velocity” to the maximum possible value.


Fast moving objects can suffer from motion blur as well, which can affect detection accuracy. The way to minimize motion blur is to use plenty of light in the scene – the more light the better. A well-lit scene will reduce Pixy’s exposure time, which in turn reduces the blurring. Moving Pixy farther away from the object’s motion plane can reduce blur as well.

Hope this helps!