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Pixy image acquisition automation

Hi, I want an automated method for pixy to store images in a specific folder, Could I be able to do that? with Arduino? can pixy save higher resolution images? how can i interface it with Universal robotics UR5 arm? some sort of script ? or code? Also some of the links in the previous topics are not opening please check.

Thanks in advance

M Umar Anjum

That is a lot of questions. I’m not sure what you mean by “folder”. Pixy can send raw images over USB, but not I2C , SPI, or UART, which is what Arduino uses.

Can you please describe what you are trying to do? I understand that you want to use a robot arm.


Folder as in computer folders, a specific location in the hard drive.
I am trying to use the images from pixy and its object detection through CCC.
I want to do following things automated:

  1. Grabbing images from pixy, with the CCC algorithm applied.
  2. Use those images for yolo and select a specific object to grab.
  3. Get the coordinates of object from pixy through Arduino.
    4.Grab those objects using robotic arm and place them in bins.

So Pixy’s raw images are fairly low resolution, and it can’t grab raw images while it’s processing. What it can do (for example) is run the CCC algorithm for one frame and then grab a raw frame and send it and repeat the process. But it slows things down. This is what PixyMon is doing.

If you want to run yolo, I’m guessing you’re using a Raspberry Pi or similar platform. If you’re using a Raspberry Pi, your best bet would probably be to either use a web camera of one of their official cameras.

Hope this helps.