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Pixy.init(); - arduino

hello there
i am using Pixy ver.2 with arduino uno.
Every time i use in my code pixy.init();
every pin going to high without being able to control it.
Any help

Sorry for the problems. When you say “every pin going high”, which pins are you referring to?


When i run the code, after the Pixy.init(); line it turns for example the pin 13 to HIGH.
I am trying to turn it to LOW. But every command after Pixy.init(); it doesn’t change the output.

Pins 11, 12, and 13 are used for SPI, which is what the Arduino normally uses to communicate with PIxy2. If you use any other pin on the Arduino, you shouldn’t have any conflicts with Pixy2.



thank you very much. i change my pin to 4 and it worked!

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