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Pixy + Lego NXT/EV3 + Labview

I’m looking for the Labview blocks to program Pixy with Lavbview in Lego enviroment

Hello Ariel,
We haven’t developed a LabVIEW driver. We have only worked on supporting the LEGO EV3 Programming environment.

Are you interested in using Pixy in your VIs? What’s your application? (We’re always interested in hearing about new application areas.)


Hi Edward

Last year we did two projects using Pixy camera,

1- a two motor vehicle capable of drive, turn and stop according to signs that pixy recognize on the way. we connect pixy to arduino mega
2- a multiple axis robot arm that follow specific color balls connecting pixy to arduino due and the analog output of the arduino control two axis of the arm.

Both projects performed by over average 12 grade student in a non technical school. they program C.

I would like to extend the use of Pixy to less strong kids that build projects with LEGO NXT / EV3 and program using Labview environment.



Hi Ariel,

Sounds interesting!

We’ll make a note of this as a feature request and let you know if we find a developer.