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Pixy load configuration

Hi there, devs!

Is there any way I can pass Pixy configuration to another Pixy, without the use of PixyMon? I would like to do this automatically without clicks and stuffs, is it possible? If so, how? Thanks in advance.

Ah, that’s a good question. Loading and saving configuration parameters requires the Pixymon utility. It sounds like you want to do this from your Arduino? Can you describe why you want to do this? If we missed great feature, we’ll add it to the list :slight_smile:


Hi Edward,
I would like to do a web-based tracking system that uses more than 1 Pixy camera. I would like to automatically sync all signatures to all cameras if an object is added. Is it possible with Arduino or other stuffs? Thanks.

Yes I understand now – thanks. This isn’t supported currently, but I’ll add this to the list of possible features. (Read and write signatures from Arduino API.)


Hi, I just wondered if this feature has been added in last 3 years?

Hey Jim,

no, I don’t believe so! Sorry about that.