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Pixy mouse arduino

Good morning
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Stéphane, I am quadriplegic.

That is to say that I am paralyzed in all four limbs. So I can’t use a computer like everyone else. Currently to use my computer, I use what is called a tracker.

It’s a kind of camera that is positioned via USB on my computer screen.

Then on my forehead, I have a reflective pad.

Thanks to the infrared system, when I move my head, this pellet makes my mouse move. This system is out of the market.

So I want to create my own Tracker. So my question is : Would it be possible to create a tracker with an PIXY and Arduino camera?

Hi Stephane,
I suppose this would be possible. The problems that need to be solved are determining what Pixy can track that’s reliable. You mentioned an infrared system. Is it an infrared beacon that needs to be tracked?

The other problem is getting the tracking from Pixy to mimic the mouse (HID) information/protocol via your computer’s USB port. There are probably lots of ways to do this with a separate microcontroller. I’m not sure what’s the best solution – perhaps someone on this forum can suggest.


Hello and thank you for your answer.
Indeed, the camera must follow a reflective pad that is here.

Have you tested Pixy with the reflective pads? What do they look like with PixyMon? Can you grab an image and share?


no I am not testing PIXY with reflective pads because
1: I don’t know which pixy model I bought
2: I would have preferred with your opinion before investing in PIX

What picture are you talking about?

Sorry… perhaps you can return your Pixy.

I’m not sure which Pixy model you bought either, but it’s probably Pixy2. Does it look like either of these?

Here’s a quickstart guide if you want to install PixyMon:

From PixyMon, you can grab an image:

I was suggesting that you grab an image from PixyMon so we could take a look and see if your reflective pads are a good candidate for Pixy to detect.


sorry I speak very poor English struggling to understand what you want to say! What do you mean by grab an image from PixyMon?

Check this:


It describes how to save (grab) a frame in Pixymon.


So far I haven’t bought any Pixi cameras. I’m just looking for information on which one to choose. Knowing which one will allow me to read an image and move the cursor of a mouse afterwards, either via Arduino or by Raspberry.