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Pixy not scanning block data. Cs error arduino

Hi. Pixy camera suddenly stops scanning during scanning. I am constantly observing from Pixymon and arduino serial port. Sometimes after a while, sometimes it doesn’t continue at all. I am constantly observing on the serial port screen. Sometimes it says cs error and continues. I thought this problem is from arduino clone and bought original but it still keeps doing this. I only observe in one block. Scanning block data. Then it suddenly stops and doesn’t scan. Sometimes the cs error message will appear and then continue scanning. Sometimes it just stops and doesn’t receive any data. It wasn’t like this when I first got it. I am facing such a problem. I do not fully understand. The Arduino mega is connected to the ICSP communication line. Can you help please ??
Pixy Original first release.

@edge @freed

Is it possible that you have modified the Arduino library code? Or are you using a different communication cable than the one that was provided with your Pixy? (the Arduino SPi cable)


No, I’m using the cable in the pixy box.

In general, CS errors indicate that something is wrong with the communication, which is why I was asking if you modified the code. CS errors shouldn’t happen under normal circumstances. Try re-downloading the Arduino code and run the hello world program (part of the Arduino library.)